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■ 中国(四川)の地震犠牲者に手を差しのべるロータリアン  

RI News 23.May.2008







 シェルターボックス配布のために、シェルターボックス担当チームの3人のメンバーは、四川の首都成都にいます。「こんな惨状は見たことがありません」と、トム・レイ、シェルターボックス・チームメンバーはBBC Newsに語りました。



 被災地域から900マイル以上離れている北京のロータリークラブは、地震救済プロジェクトについて話し合っています。彼らは、被災地に配布する4,000米ドル分の赤ちゃん用粉ミルクを購入する予定です。彼らは、基金調達もします。北京クラブのメンバーは、地震が襲った翌日の例会で、1,000ドル以上を地震救済に寄付しました。クラブ会長のMike Maも、Dong KurnリーRI次期会長が出席予定の年間チャリティボールからの次の週、若干の資金が地震救済のために向けられると言いました。

 「中国赤十字と被災地域再建プロジェクトでうまくいっている地震後の精神ケア協議プロジェクトに関する議論がすでに始まりました」「私たちは長期的で、重要な再建プロジェクトの可能性を研究しています」とMike Maは言います。






内部には衣類、 毛布や
赤ちゃん用品 などが




2008年05月27日 掲載


ShelterBox and Rotarians reaching out to aid Chinese earthquake victims
Four hundred ShelterBox containers will reach China’s Sichuan Province this weekend to help alleviate the acute housing shortage after a 12 May earthquake there left 50,000 people dead and more than five million homeless. Another 400 containers are en route to the area.

At the request of the Chinese government, ShelterBox will also provide an additional 1,700 tents. Chinese officials have made urgent appeals to the international community for tents. News agencies are reporting that refugees flocking to the cities are sleeping in any spot they can find, many in sports stadiums and in makeshift tents.

Three ShelterBox response team members are in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, to help distribute the aid. "The enormity of it is far bigger than anything I have seen before," Tom Lay, ShelterBox team member, told BBC News.

LifeBox, a charitable project of the Rotary Club of Denton and Audenshaw in Manchester, England, is also contributing to disaster relief in Sichuan. One hundred LifeBox containers, which include tools, clothes, blankets, and baby items as well as a water purification tool called LifeStraw, have been sent to the province, along with 1,200 additional LifeStraws.

At the receiving end, Rotary clubs in China are helping pave the way for organizations like ShelterBox and LifeBox to enter the disaster area, securing permits for the boxes.

The Rotary Club of Beijing, located more than 900 miles away from the disaster area, is discussing earthquake relief projects. They plan to purchase US$4,000 of baby formula to distribute in the affected area. They are also fundraising. Beijing club members contributed more than $1,000 to earthquake relief at their meeting the day after the earthquake hit. Club president Mike Ma also said some funds from an annual charity ball next week, which will be attended by RI President-elect Dong Kurn Lee, will be redirected for earthquake relief.

"There are already discussions about an after-earthquake mental health consultation project working with China Red Cross and disaster area reconstruction projects," said Ma. "We are also studying the more long-term, significant reconstruction project possibilities to take on."

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